Expert Video Production in South Australia From Start to Finish - And Everything In-Between.

Writing & Producing

Whether a quick piece to camera for a bigger project, or a full concept, script, storyboard and prep, I can write and produce the elements you need, including organising all talent, locations, production and permissions, including buyouts, licences and contracts.

Shooting & Directing

Whatever the requirement, I can light, shoot and direct your project on location or in a studio. With many years experience in conducting interviews and working with talent, I can ensure that the project runs smoothly and achieves the desired outcomes.

Post Production

An award winning editor with a comfortable space for clients, and a fully kitted out edit suite, the post production phase of your project is in safe hands. From ingest to metadata, assembly to final cut, sound mix, colour grade, plus motion graphics and 3D modelling and special effects if required.


Once the final video is ready to be released, I can create the multiple versions required for every possible platform. Captions and metadata can also be delivered and prepared for use. Plus direct delivery of commercials directly to television networks through their 'Oasis' portal and CAD approval by FreeTV Australia.

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Project Consultation

Whether you're a new client or an existing one, let's have a chat about your video project needs. We can work together to define your audience, your return on investment, and the route forwards towards a successful piece of communication.

Safety in Experience

Creativity thrives within a structured method. There are so many moving parts to video production, it's important for everyone to be on the same page heading in the same direction. My roadmap to success has been developed over many years in order to ensure a perfect result.

One on One Communication

As an independent freelance producer, you'll be speaking with me. Not 'one of the team' or a faceless voice, but me. This personal interaction always helps to create the best outcome for the project with no surprises or confusion and a clear line of communication throughout.

Custom Services

Sometimes you know what you need, for example: a script written, or an existing video recut. Sometimes you don't know at all. Whatever the situation, I can work with you to fill the role. Whether it's just one role or the whole project, I can give you a customised experience based on your needs. Got some burning questions right this second? Check out my FAQ section here.

Cutting Edge Technology

Video production is a constantly evolving world. You need someone who is across the latest developments, and understands how they can benefit you and your project. I'm always updating my hardware, my software, and my 'wetware' (my brain) so you know your project exists at the cutting edge of technology, quality, and efficiency. I've even compiled a list of useful resources for fellow professionals here.  

Tools need to be right for the job at hand, and there are many ways to progress through the project from pre production right through to the final delivery. You can always be sure that I'm using the best and most suitable tool for the job.

Some people need to know my workflow and software preferences, which is why it's listed here. But if that's not you, and you just want the work done well, you can trust me to choose the right workflow based on my years of experience.

Once the project begins, you will have access to a dedicated portal containing all the important information about the project, such as briefs, proposals, links, contracts, invoices, reciepts, branding, scripts and so on. This means you will always be able to reference the vital information created during the video production process.
  • Pre Production

    Final Draft / Shot Designer / Storyboarder

    Taking your concept, or developing one from scratch, and then using industry standard scripting software to create the blueprint for production. Then deciding on the shots and technical requirements through storyboarding and shot planning allows for accurate schedulling and planning of the shoot.

  • DIT

    Assimilate Scratch / Kyno / Hedge

    Once shot, the raw data is copied, logged and stored in three secure locations (two onsite and one offsite) using professional DIT software with metadata.

  • Post Production

    Adobe Premiere Pro

    With over a decade of working as an editor in Premiere Pro, and professional certification in its use, the edit will be efficient and smooth.

  • Colour Grade

    Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

    Industry standard colour correction and grading using the Studio edition of Resolve.

  • Audio Mix

    Adobe Audition

    When it's time to mix the audio to a polished final version, Audition is my usual software of choice to mixdown the music, voice overs, atmosphere and effects.

  • Graphics and Effects

    Adobe After Effects

    From motion graphics to special effects, greenscreen work to title design, a decade of experience in After Effects makes this a creative and exciting piece of the production.

  • Animation

    Unreal Engine / Element 3D / Cinema 4D

    When 3D model creation and use is required, these tools allow for infinite possibilities for storytelling in a brand new way.

Edit Suite
Edit Suite
Edit Suite
Edit Suite