Frequently Asked Questions

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  • ⮟ How does the process work? What's involved? ⮟

    The first step is to have a chat with me. Through discussion we can discover what your need is, and what the best prescription is. If you decide that video is the route you want to take, then I will create a creative proposal and quote for you which will lay out the journey ahead with dates, expectations and milestones.

  • ⮟ Where can my video be shown? ⮟

    Video is everywhere. Your final video will be useable everywhere, from the cinema to TV, online to presentations. One of the steps we will go through before we start production is to decide on the main distribution channels for your video and the possible audiences it posseses.

  • ⮟ Why should I work with you? ⮟

    Everyone has a camera these days, and distribution is democratised over social media. Anyone is welcome to make their own video. What I bring to the table is my knowledge and expertise collected over a decade in the production industry as a storyteller and creator. My technical ability aside, when you bring me on as a creative for your project, you get my experience in telling stories people want to watch.

  • ⮟ What's all this jargon? ⮟

    So, unfortunately after a while you get a bit used to professional terminology and forget to explain all these words to people. Don't worry - it'll happen to you too! I've actually put together a very rough glossary to help when I'm talking jibberish (but please do ask me to stop and explain - I won't be offended! You can have a look here.

  • ⮟ What are your payment terms and how do I pay you? ⮟

    My terms are set out in a contract we both sign before we begin which sets out expectations and responsabilites for the project. Payment is 50% on signing of the contract and 50% on delivery of the final video (occasionally the payments are broken up into quarters instead, for long term projects). Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.

  • ⮟ I've never done any videos before, is that an issue? ⮟

    My role is to be the expert in my field, and I will guide you gently through the process from start to finish. You can have as little or as much involvement as you wish in the intricacies of production. I don't expect you to know anything about video production, but am always happy to share with you what the process is, so next time you produce a video you come from a position of greater knowledge and understanding. I love to teach people about my job, and I love to learn about yours too.

  • What gear do you use?

    Whatever is required for the particular shoot. Whether underwater or above the clouds, 8k or 360, I'll use the right tool for the job. I have used almost all available professional cameras over my career, so you can rest assured that I'll make the right choice for you.

  • ⮟ How long will the filming take? ⮟

    The shoot will be broken up into half or full days. How many depends on the scope of the project, which we will establish as soon as we begin pre production.

  • ⮟ Do I need to supply actors or presenters or can you do that? ⮟

    The best option is always to hire a professional. They know the job, and can do it on cue. This saves a lot of time during the shoot, over working with someone inexperienced. However, often having a 'rent-a-crowd' made up of friends and family to act as 'extras' is useful. We will discuss the on screen talent as part of the pre production process.

  • ⮟ How long does the editing take? ⮟

    Obviously this depends on the project, but as a general rule of thumb I'd suggest allowing double the shoot time for post production, i.e. if we are aiming to shoot for 2 days, then a 4 to 5 day edit period would be a good estimate. There are so many caveats to this though, so the best option is to chat with me and I can give you a good idea based on your project.

  • ⮟ What about music and stock footage? ⮟

    I have subscriptions to both Artlist and Envato for stock music, as well as Artgrid and Shutterstock for stock footage. Ordinarily these costs are included in the post production quotation already. Let me know if you have something specific in mind and I can check it out to make sure it can be included in these subscriptions.

  • ⮟ How do I watch the video to give you my feedback? ⮟

    As various cuts are completed they will be uploaded to my Frame.IO account for you to watch, comment and review. This is an online portal accessible through a supplied link and password which allows for commenting and annotations directly onto the video itself. These comments are then added automatically to my editing software in the right place, so there is never a possibility of your feedback being missed. When approved, the same link and password will allow you to download the various versions and subtitles from the same site.

  • ⮟ Can I sit in and watch you edit / direct the edit? ⮟

    I have a comfortable and welcoming edit suite, and you're welcome to join me in the edit if you wish. However, often the most productive use of time is for you to only come and sit with me once at least the 'rough cut' is completed. I can also offer 'virtual' client sit-in sessions which operate via Zoom if that's something you'd be interested in.